Ubayd Ahmed

Hi, I'm Ubayd! I'm the Project Lead for Gambling Education Network on the Preventing Gambling Harm in Diverse Communities Program. 

My Story

Since the age of 16, I've suffered from gambling related harm. I've suffered both physically and mentally. All of this came to a head in December 2019, and I finally decided to get the relevant help. Having been free of gambling for almost 2 years now. I finally feel ready to start giving back to very same community that helped change my life around. 


The community and culture that I'm from makes it very hard to openly talk about an issue that is already extremely suppressed in society. We need people from diverse backgrounds to come in and break these barriers down and reach the people that so desperately need our help. 


This is where I believe this PGHDC programme in collaboration with YGAM and Red Card CIC can help make a huge difference. Our lived experience combined with the knowledge of the communities we are going into, and the nuances that go with it, can help drive the conversations that need to happen. 


I look forward to help making this project a success for Gambling Education Network, and hopefully reducing gambling harm across the country.