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  • Fairfield Church.

    Pupils at Fairfield Church were the beneficiaries of the 'Preventing Gambling Harm in Diverse Communities' initiative on Wednesday 20th April 2022. A small but engaging workshop where another 11 students learnt about gambling harm. Jack Baker, the organiser of the delivery, was delighted to get Gambling Education Network in to teach the attendees about gambling harm, and we were excited to do so. It is essential to bring this message across to places of worship, and we took a step in doing so today. Thank you, Fairfield Church, for having us.

  • Park Academy West London.

    On the Monday 21st March 2022, I was humbled to deliver the 'Preventing Gambling Harm in Diverse Communities' initiative to Park Academy West London, a partner school of a previous workshop we had completed to River Academy West London. River Academy West London welcomed me with open arms, and the reception was matched from Park Academy West London. I was delighted to deliver our project to just over 390 students on the day ranging from the years 9-11. A lot was learnt on both sides, I was asked engaging and thoughtful questions, and I hope I provided the children with enough information to impact their lives. Thank you to each attendee, your efforts to grasp vital knowledge on this subject were appreciated.

  • Bishop Ramsey Church of England School.

    Our long-awaited delivery to Bishop Ramsey Church of England School was successfully completed on Friday 4th March 2022. Dani Williams who organised the programme and delivery of the 'Preventing Gambling Harm in Diverse Communities' initiative, was one of our earliest bookings. When we were new to this area, I was thrilled to find that Dani was willing to learn more about gambling harm, and she showed a keen interest in enlightening students at the school she teaches. This allowed us to arrange this school booking six months in advance. Despite some technical difficulties on the day, each of the 150 students took away vital solutions to preventing gambling harm and gained in-depth knowledge on the subject. I was pleased to be at the forefront of this, and I hope to have a more significant impact on the rest of the school. Thank you, Bishop Ramsey, for believing in Gambling Education Network and our work.

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  • Gambling Explained | Gambling Education Network

    Gambling Explained The truth about gambling harm... and what the industry has had to say. 'Gambling Explained', among many other things, demonstrates that affected others are significantly harmed and yet often omitted from discussion and consideration, let alone action. The authors of Gambling Explained and submission to the Gambling Act Review, have a combined lived experience of affected other harms of over 25 years. They are particularly pleased to share 'Gambling Explained' as this piece has been written and funded independently. "Harms in affected others challenge the industry in two ways. First, measures to raise awareness and prevent gambling harms in individuals who do not gamble will reduce the appeal of gambling and contribute to its social unacceptability. Second, the 'freedom to gamble' argument is confounded if individuals who do not gamble are harmed." An extract from 'Gambling Explained' (Executive Summary). Gambling Explained by chapter: Chapter 1: Gambling and health Chapter 2: Gambling and addiction Chapter 3: Gambling in children and young people Chapter 4: Gambling and advertising Chapter 5: Gambling research, education, and treatment Chapter 6: Design of gambling products Chapter 7: Gambling and the way it is conducted Chapter 8: Gambling and voluntary bans Chapter 9: Gambling operators as multinational corporations Chapter 10: Gambling and crime Gambling Explained as a deck: Gambling Explained (full report): Background and motivations of the authors of Gambling Explained

  • Infographics | Gambling Education Network

    Gambling harm infographics Infographics on key gambling harm topics with a particular focus on helping to appreciate the significance of health impacts and economic impacts of gambling harm. Out of gallery

  • Diverse Communities Initiative | Gambling Education Network

    Preventing Gambling Harm in Diverse Communities Preventing Gambling Harms in Diverse Communities The ‘Preventing Gambling Harms in Diverse Communities’ initiative has been developed through a unique collaboration between Gambling Education Network and YGAM. The prevention programme will deliver free specialist workshops to young people from ethnic minority populations aged 14–24, as well as free training to community and faith leaders. The programme content centres on an understanding of socio-cultural and religious contexts on shame and stigma relating to gambling harms. Book a FREE workshop here The most recent gold-standard gambling prevalence surveys, BGPS 2007 and BGPS 2010, found that Asian and Black ethnic groups were disproportionately affected by gambling disorders with an odds ratio of around 3x relative to White ethnic groups. Our Results 4.2 💡 The average rating of confidence in attendees across six key learning objectives went from 2.8 to 4.2 in a five-point Likert scale where three represents neither agree nor disagree and five represents strongly agree 4.4 ⭐ Gambling Education Network facilitators are consistently highly rated with an average score of 4.4 in a five-point Likert scale, where a score of four represents 'good' and a score of five represents 'excellent' 8% ⚠️ 8% of attendees at Gambling Education Network workshops have experienced significant past-year gambling harm, either harm from their own gambling or gambling harm from someone elses gambling in the household 80% 🙌 80% of young people who attended Gambling Education Network workshops said that they were less likely to suffer gambling harm as a result of the workshop. 90% amongst those experiencing harm Our Workshops 1. Interactive Created by experts following best practices in learning theory Responsive high-impact learning in our in-person workshops using Audience Response Clicker tech and our virtual workshops using Mentimeter Young people led the design process to ensure that workshops are maximally impactful, useful and engaging 2. Meaningful Provide an authentic insight into the journey of addiction Grounded exploration of the causes, risk factors, catalysts, and the harms through discussions Considerate discussion of harms for harms that can often get overshadowed but occur before a crisis 3. Novel A range of original and newly created media including a short-film and animated explainer videos Complement different learning styles including audio, visual, reading, and writing Accompanied with asynchronous content and signposting literature 4. Representative Reflective of a deep and considerate understanding of gambling-harm shame and stigma Delivered by a diverse team of individuals to reflect the diverse nature of the communities that we are seeking to make an impact 5. High-impact Designed by leading experts across a range of different gambling-harm and health-education backgrounds Builds a solid foundation in understanding addictions and the harms from them through a holistic consideration for the factors that lead to and result from gambling-harm and how harm can be prevented or mitigated 6. Authentic Built on the most up to date evidence-based understanding of education across gambling-harm, alcohol, and substances Created by a team who has either lived experience or expert knowledge of gambling harm or both Reflective discussion of industry strategies from marketing to design Book a FREE workshop here

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