Preventing Gambling Harm in Diverse Communities

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The ‘Preventing Gambling Harms in Diverse Communities’ initiative has been developed through a unique collaboration between Gambling Education Network, YGAM, and Red Card Gambling Support Project CIC and Clearview Research. The prevention programme will deliver free specialist workshops to young people from ethnic minority populations aged 14–24, as well as free training to community and faith leaders. The programme content centres on an understanding of socio-cultural and religious contexts on shame and stigma relating to gambling harms.
YouGov Research published in 2020 found that around 1 in 4 individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds who gambled in the past year suffered significant gambling-harm.
1. Interactive
  • Created by experts following best practices in learning theory

  • Responsive high-impact learning in our in-person workshops using Audience Response Clicker tech and our virtual workshops using Mentimeter 

  • Young people led the design process to ensure that workshops are maximally impactful, useful and engaging

2. Meaningful
  • Provide an authentic insight into the journey of addiction

  • Grounded exploration of the causes, risk factors, catalysts, and the harms through discussions

  • Considerate discussion of harms for harms that can often get overshadowed but occur before a crisis

3. Novel
  • A range of original and newly created media including a short-film and animated explainer videos

  • Complement different learning styles including audio, visual, reading, and writing

  • Accompanied with asynchronous content and signposting literature

4. Representative
  • Reflective of a deep and considerate understanding of gambling-harm shame and stigma

  • Delivered by a diverse team of individuals to reflect the diverse nature of the communities that we are seeking to make an impact

5. High-impact
  • Designed by leading experts across a range of different gambling-harm and health-education backgrounds

  • Builds a solid foundation in understanding addictions and the harms from them through a holistic consideration for the factors that lead to and result from gambling-harm and how harm can be prevented or mitigated

6. Authentic
  • Built on the most up to date evidence-based understanding of education across gambling-harm, alcohol, and substances

  • Created by a team who has either lived experience or expert knowledge of gambling harm or both

  • Reflective discussion of industry strategies from marketing to design