Kishan Patel

Hi, My name is Kishan Patel, but I go by Kish. I'm one of the co-founders and currently the Chair of Trustees for Gambling Education Network. I also take on the role of Research Director within the charity.

My Story

I've experienced gambling harm all my life - right from birth. For the first 22 years of my life, I didn't fully comprehend gambling harm. To me, I thought we were the only ones - no one will understand anything.


Before my GCSEs, gambling harm had taken my Dad from me both in his life and in his passing at the age of 52. When I got to the age of 22, I saw a taxonomy of gambling harms for the first time with the categorisations of; Financial harm, Relationship Disruption, Conflict or Breakdown, Emotional or Psychological Distress, Decrements to Health, Cultural Harm, Reduced Performance at Work, or Study Criminal Activity Life course and Intergenerational Harms I cried, I could relate to all of them.


I felt so unwell and lost until I met with Ryan, Chris, and Kelly, and we together set up the @allbetsareoffpodcast_ and soon after season two of the podcast, Gambling Education Network was born.