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Joshua Palmer

Hi, I'm Joshua! I’m an Awareness Facilitator for Gambling Education Network, working alongside a team of powerful people on the Preventing Gambling Harm in Diverse Communities Programme.

My Story

I was first introduced to the programme after meeting Chris Gilham, Ryan Pitcher and Kishan Patel virtually and ever since then have been committed to be apart of this change. After personally experiencing Gambling Harm, I know how severe it can become if you ignore all alarm bells and sirens warning you of the potential danger you are getting yourself into. I also understand that it is an issue rarely spoken about in ethnic minority communities in Britain but is something that needs to be addressed. We need to see more people who look like individuals on our team speaking on these problems as this has a larger impact than we can ever imagine. 

I look forward to what the future holds, the conversations and interactions we will have, the places we will find ourselves in and the memories we will collectively share as a team striving towards creating a positive change. I hope you can join us.